4WD Tour to Jatiluwih in a Legendary Land Rover or Land Cruiser

A day trip through authentic Balinese villages and some of the most picturesque parts of Bali, the driver-guide picks up guests in a Land Rover or Land Cruiser equipped with picnic baskets with refreshments. The journey leads you away from the main roads and busy highways on to back roads and through authentic villages.

Places of interest to visit :

Natural stone

Natural stone quarry ‣ natural stone quarry where villagers have cut the stone out of a dry river bed for generations. Bali sandstone is beautiful natural stone from nature that is widely used for building traditional Balinese houses and temples.

Coffee roasting

Balinese coffee roasting ‣ The coffee in Bali is very tasteful and they have a lot of different kinds of coffee. The most famous coffee produced in Bali is also the most expensive coffee in the world, Coffee Luwak. In general, Balinese coffee farmers are very good in making Robusta and Arabica coffee beans. According to stories, the traders from Lombok who brought coffee plants to Bali in the early 20th century. They found out that rich volcanic soil and the climate in the Kintamani highland region was very good to grow the coffee plants.

Jatiluwih rice terrace

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces ‣ Jatiluwih Village received UNESCO World Cultural heritage status since 29 June 2012 because it has unique and distinctive characteristic of its agricultural system, using the philosophy concept of Tri Hita Karana (The philosophy of the balance between Man with his neighbors, man with nature, and man with the creator).

Sumptuous Balinese lunch

Lunch at restaurant in rain forest ‣ Sumptuous Balinese lunch, served in the Bamboo Forest Restaurant surrounded by giant bamboo in a rain forest on the slopes of Mount Batukaru. Enjoy a glass of wine, beer, tea or Balinese coffee in the glorious open-air canopy.

Entrance gate of Batukaru Temple

Batukaru Temple ‣ As a quiet temple of high spiritual value and far from the crowds, Pura Luhur Batukaru is a royal temple for the kings of Tabanan. Pura Batukaru is located high above sea level at the foot of the mountain and in the forest in western Bali. A series of pagodas (Meru) with multi-storey roofs, including a striking 7-level pagoda that helps create a mystical atmosphere, coupled with the absence of many tourists in general.