4WD Tour to Tenganan in a Legendary Land Rover or Land Cruiser

A unique village considered to be the original settlement of the Balinese, hence called Bali Aga, is a must visit destination on the island. This trip along the east coast of the island, takes the guests to Tenganan Pegringsingan, a village, as legend would have it, was created by Lord Indra, to be a world within worlds, a place uncontaminated by the ills of humanity, a place of spiritual purity.

Places of interest to visit :

Tenganan Village

Tenganan Pegringsingan ‣ Tenganan Village is undoubtedly one of the rarest places in Bali. Unlike other villages, Tenganan is not inhabited by Hindus as in other areas of Bali but by the original Balinese people known as Bali Aga, a small proportion of the population has retained their pre-Hindu beliefs and traditions. They did not have a caste system and they also did not apply other Balinese Hindu traditions such as cremation, they chose to bury their dead instead. Desa Tenganan has always been strictly isolated from the outside world and even marriage is only permitted among fellow villagers.

Villa Iseh

Villa Iseh at Sidemen for lunch ‣ Villa Iseh is actually is the former mountain retreat of the artist Walter Spies who was quite known and famous here in Bali. In 1937, Spies built this retreat at Iseh in Karangasem. Spies was the co-founder of the Pita Maha artists cooperative, through which he shaped the development of modern Balinese art and established the Westerner’s image of Bali that still exists today.

Kamasan-style painting

Kamasan Village ‣ Kamasan Village is one of popular tourist attractions in Klungkung Regency. This village is famous for its artists’ skill in making silver houseware for traditional ceremony such as container for offering, munition shell carving, and traditional paintings depictiong Ramayana and Mahabharata epics as well as Balinese mythology.