Agung Rai Art Museum (ARMA)

Agung Rai Art Museum – Ubud

Comprising parts of museums, galleries and cultural spaces, the Agung Rai Art Museum (ARMA) is the most alive and most diverse of the three large art galleries in Ubud. Situated in a lively garden, well-appointed rooms hold various art collections including the modern Balinese art collection owned by Agung Rai’s owner and the work of German artist Walter Spies and Dutch painter Rudolf Bonnet.

Near the center of Ubud, Art Museum and Puri Lukisan Museum.
The founder of the museum, Agung Rai and his family members can sometimes still be seen in the museum. Of the three major museums of Ubud – the others are Neka and Puri Lukisan – ARMA is the number one choice for travelers who have full attention to art.

The ARMA museum complex includes cafes, art shops and resorts. The “Kecak” dance held here in full and new months is one of the best in Bali.
Located on a large area in Pengosekan not far from Monkey Forest Road, Agung Rai Art Museum is within walking distance of the center of Ubud and other Ubud attractions. From southern Bali, the Kura-Kura tourist bus provides the most cost-effective route to Ubud, although many travelers choose to drive alone or rent a vehicle with a driver.

The ARMA Museum and cultural center are open throughout the year, with the exception of the Day of Silence and national holidays. The pavilion is big, so is the yard, so this museum is rarely crowded. Visits take place in the afternoon to enjoy a collection of spectacular Balinese paintings, visitors come at night to show traditional Balinese dance in one of the most interesting Ubud locations.

ARMA is the best place in Indonesia to see the work of Walter Spies. The German-born painter, Walter Spies, arrived in Ubud in 1927. His primitive style and techniqu
es, such as rice terraces, had a major influence on Balinese paintings. He also helped Balinese artists form associations and guilds to promote their work in Indonesia and the world.