Amed Beach

Amed Beach – East Bali

Amed Beach is a 14 kilometer stretch of beach in East Bali that combines several fishing villages in the region. This beach has been on the radar of divers for some time because of the vast coral reefs that follow the nearby coastline. Just a few meters from the beach, hundreds of colorful fish are winding gracefully on enchanting reefs, some of which can be seen just two meters below the surface of the water. Furthermore, divers can enjoy large coral formations and coral gardens full of marine life, such as sea turtles, reef sharks, stingrays and various colorful tropical fish. Amed Beach is also a popular base for visitors who study extreme sports free diving or want to dive into the Liberty Shipwreck, a US cargo ship that sank in Tulamben.

Large resorts and large hotel chains cannot be found in Amed and still show the life of the indigenous people of Bali, but there are many small hotels, guesthouses, bars and of course diving schools scattered along the shore are blackish gray. Colorful fishing boats adorn the volcanic sand of the beach, some of which can be rented for mackerel fishing trips in the morning. Although fishing is a large part of daily livelihoods, because it has a climate that is hotter and drier than other areas in Bali, Amed has traditionally been known for salt farming. Until now the farmers filled empty containers from coconut trees with sea water, allowed to dry in the hot sun and then collected the remaining salt crystals that precipitated. These gourmet small packets of salt can be purchased anywhere along the way.