Art Villages Shopping Tour

This shopping tour is to visit some of Balinese art villages. You will have a chance to witness how those beautiful art objects are made all by hands with mostly traditional tools by talented Balinese artists. The first stop is to visit batik village of Tohpati. Batik is a traditional form of fabric painting with the help of wax. They painstakingly use dots and lines from wax as a process to produce beautiful colored clothes. It is very impressive to watch indeed. Then continue to Celuk Village that is famous for its gold and silver jewelry making. The third stop is at Batuan Village to visit painting artists of Balinese classical style of painting. Batuan Art Painting have brought the Balinese arts to be more and more famous. Painters from the village have been known since the 1930s for their dense, immensely detailed paintings of Balinese ceremonies, bali dancer painting and daily life. Batuan artists have different style compared to other places in Bali, Batuan paintings are more dynamic in perspective than Western paintings. After seeing Balinese paintings, you will visit Mas Village for wood carving.

Places of interest to visit :

Batik painting with waxing process

Tohpati Village ‣ Batik becomes one of the cultural heritage of Indonesia and it must be preserved. The craft was first known internationally when the President Suharto wore it during the UN conference. Finally, the use of Batik cloth became more and more popular until now. One of the famous batik craftsmen village is in Tohpati Village.

Silver jewelry making

Celuk Village ‣ One of several craft villages in Gianyar Regency is Celuk Village which is known as the “silver village” because of its silver jewelry production. Craftsmen here make silver and gold jewelry and crafts at their homes and workshops for centuries. A visit to Celuk Village gave tourists the opportunity to see the artisans in action and buy their handicrafts directly on the spot.

Batuan Village style paintings

Batuan Village ‣ The Batuan Village is located in Gianyar Regency, not so far from Ubud. It remains a village of the community of painting artists. It is not surprising that the temple in Pura Batuan is a classic part of Balinese architecture, with separate gates, stone walls, temple buildings with alang-alang roofs, and detailed carvings.

Wood carving in Mas Village

Mas Village ‣ Mas Village, one of the many artist villages not far from Ubud, is the best place on the island to find high-quality Balinese wood carvings – considered one of the best wood carvings in the world. Part of the prestigious reputation of this village comes from the birthplace of Ida Bagus Tilem, one of the most famous craftsmen in Bali. His wife and son continue to operate their admired galleries and workshops.