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5 Traditional Bali Age Villages in Bali Worth Visiting

For those who loves cultures, traditional local traditions and local people in their daily life, they can visit one or more of these villages called Bali Aga Village. Here are 5 traditional villages of Bali whose residents still preserve their tradition passed for generations. 1. Penglipuran Village Located 700 meters above sea level between bamboo …

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Balinese Wedding Ceremonies

Steps of Balinese wedding ceremonies according to Balinese customs and their meaning and purpose. The Holy Veda and Hindu laws that apply in society guide the marriage process of Hindu Balinese wedding. MesedekMesedek is the first event in a traditional Balinese wedding customs. In this event, the parents of the groom came to the bride’s …

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Tooth-Filing Ceremony

The tooth-filing ceremony or Mesangih /Mepandes /Metatah in Balinese language is one of the most important religious ceremonies for the Balinese people that must be performed once in someone‚Äôs lifetime. This ceremony is an essential ceremony in the life of a Balinese, one of the most important rites of passage, marking the transition from an …

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Subak Irrigation System

Subak is a traditional organization of farming communities in Bali that specifically and traditionally regulates the management of irrigation system of ricefields, the existence of Subak is a manifestation of the philosophy/concept of Tri Hita Karana. The word “Subak” comes from Balinese language, which was first seen in Pandak Bandung inscription from 1072 AD. The …

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