Bali Bird Park & Reptile Park Visit

Bali Bird Park – Gianyar

Bali Bird Park is one of Bali’s eco-tourism attraction. It has been around for more than 20 years. The park is divided into regions that recreate the natural habitats of its birds, complete with indigenous plant life. So come with us on a magical journey across the Indonesian archipelago, Latin America, Africa and Australia.

With around 1000 birds, 250 species, Bali Bird Park plays a key role in protecting and conserving Indonesia’s endangered wildlife. The park successfully bred many species, including the rare Pesquet’s Parrot and numerous Bali Starlings, bred mainly to support local release programs. They accommodate more than 40 species of protected Indonesian birds in the park, a growing number of which are now breeding successfully under the care of our staff.

In addition to the Bird Park, this area also has Reptile Park which is located just next door. It offers an extensive assortment of reptile and amphibian specimens among the horticultural gardens. On display is the giant Komodo dragon with other specimens including crocodiles, lizards, geckos, pythons, toads, frogs, turtles and tortoises.