Bali Museum

Bali Museum Entrance – Denpasar

The State Museum of Bali Province is the oldest museum on the island of Bali, with more than 10,000 objects on display. Built in the architectural style of the Balinese era, the museum consists of several buildings and pavilions which display collections of many prehistoric artifacts, ceremonial equipment items, traditional artwork and more.

The main building of the museum is a building to display a collection of ancient inscriptions, ceramics, porcelain sculptures, agricultural tools, religious ceremonial instruments and weapons. Collections of prehistoric objects, including stones and bronze equipment can be found downstairs, while on the upper floors there are a number of traditional items that are still used on the island of Bali to date.

The northern pavilion was built in the style of the Tabanan Kingdom palace and was devoted to the mythology and spirituality of the Balinese people, with various costumes and traditional dance masks on display. The central pavilion with its beautiful balconies in the style of the ancient royal façade, focuses on the religious aspects of Balinese history and displays ceremonial objects and clothing, while the southern pavilion holds a large collection of traditional textiles and woven products.