Bali Submarine Tour

Submarine for underwater viewing

For those who love underwater beauty without knowing how to dive or without snorkeling and swimming now they can enjoy them from the comfort of a small submarine through clear portholes operated by Bali Odyssey Submarine in eastern Bali.

Labuhan Amuk in Karangasem regency or also known as Amuk Bay Bali is known for its underwater beauty, rich of fish species and coral reefs. It also has crystal clear and calm currents. This recreation is suitable for all ages and conditions. It is safe and comfortable for parent, adults, children and even babies.

Currently there are 2 places in the world where this Odyssey submarines operate, those are in Bali and Hawaii, USA. The ships are made by Victoria Machinery Depot Co. Ltd, weighing 72.6 tonnes and battery powered. Odyssey ships can dive up to 35 meter deep. The Odyssey Bali submarine is 17-meter long, 4-meter wide and 5.5-meter high. It has a payload capability of 3,500 kg. Diving 30-meter deep can only be reached by professional divers and supported by international-standard equipment, tour with Odyssey submarine you can see the underwater beauty that can only be seen by professional divers.

Odyssey submarine has a maximum capacity of 36 people. There is a wide long bench for 2 rows of passengers sitting facing right and left toward the clear portholes. At the front there are seats for pilots and Co pilots. The submarine is fully air-conditioned. The tour with this submarine is 45 minutes. Passengers are not allowed to smoke, eat or drink inside the submarine. As there is no toilet inside the submarine it is better to go to the washroom before the tour. Even though it operates underwater, the inside of the submarine is well lit so it is fine for children and babies who are afraid of the dark.