Banana Boat Ride

Fun banana boat ride

Banana boat riding is a fun water sport, using a rubber boat that resembles a banana. The banana boat size is quite large and can accommodate 5 – 5 riders and a guide. The boat is pulled by a motorized speed boat on the surface of sea water. There are several places in Bali where tourists can do banana boat riding; Nusa Lembongan and Tanjung Benoa Beach, Nusa Dua.

Banana boat ride in Bali already apply safety procedures, the operators use equipment in accordance with security standards, such as life jacket, speed boat and banana boat itself. Each participant who boards a banana boat must use a life jacket for safety. The guides who accompany each ride are also well-trained and experienced, so that the safety and comfort of tourists is the priority without leaving the fun behind.

Fun banana boat ride

The inflatable banana boat is made from thick and lightweight rubber, so it is easy to be pulled and directed by speed boat. The distance between the speed boat and the banana boat is about five meters. This distance is set to ease communication between the guide sitting on the banana boat and the speedboat driver.

The speed boat pulling the banana boat is driven by one or two guides. For one round, the banana boat ride lasts about 15 minutes.