Batuan Temple

Gate of Batuan Temple – Gianyar

Known for its distinctive style of painting, the village of Batuan which is located not far from Ubud, remains a village of the community of painting artists. It is not surprising that the temple in Pura Batuan is a classic part of Balinese architecture, with separate gates, stone walls, temple buildings with alang-alang roofs, and detailed carvings. Pura Batuan is one of three village temples dedicated to the embodiment of God as a Hindu Trimurti God.

As a classic example of a trio of Balinese village temples located between southern Bali and Ubud, Pura Batuan is a popular stop on Bali as part of a cultural and temple visit. A visit to Pura Batuan is very important for tourists who are fans of Balinese arts and culture. Visitors are charged a small entrance fee including renting a sarong to meet the standard of courtesy to visit a holy place. Dress politely as a sign of respect.

Pura Batuan is one of the temples that is quite old because in this temple there are inscriptions that explain the existence of the temple which dates from 1022 AD. This temple is located about 10 kilometers from Ubud and about 25 kilometers from Seminyak. Batuan village can be reached by public transportation or bemo from Batubulan if visitors have time and can speak Indonesian. To visit this temple, most tourists take a Balinese cultural tour or rent a vehicle with a private driver which will be much more comfortable.
Most tour participants visit Batuan Temple in the morning, so tourists will have a better chance to enjoy the beauty of this site in its natural conditions. Like all temples in Bali, Pura Batuan will be more beautiful and lively during important Hindu holidays in Bali, for example on Galungan, Kuningan, full moon and new moon.

Batuan is considered to be one of the main artist villages not so far from Ubud. Other villages include Mas for wood carving and Celuk for gold and silver. Desa Batuan is known for its artistic traditions in painting. Museums in Ubud such as Puri Lukisan and Neka display works that are the evolution of the style of Batuan painting, from very detailed scene paintings that might become Hieronymus Bosch or nightmares even more surprising representations of modern life which sometimes are somewhat contrary to traditional Balinese norms. If tourists are in Batuan to see Pura Batuan, it might be good to take the time to look and consider buying some works of art, especially paintings.