Borneo (Kalimantan)

Borneo Rainforest & Orangutan Tour (4 days / 3 Nights)

Orangutan Forest

Explore the Indonesian portion of the island of Borneo. It comprises 73% of the island’s area. Here visitors will find remarkable cities and well kept nature reserves, home of the orangutans. The south and central Kalimantan are the most interesting provinces on this big island that has an area of almost 30% of the total land area of Indonesia.


Borneo Rainforest & Orangutan Tour (5 days / 4 Nights)

Orangutan Borneo

In the rainforest of Borneo, there are two different type of orangutans The first is the original inhabitant of the park called wild orangutan and the second is the rehabilitated orangutan or ex-captive orangutan formerly confiscated and rescue from the people who keep them as a pet. For the wild orangutan it is difficult to play or interact with because they are shy and always keep distance with human.