Borneo Rainforest & Orangutan Tour (5 days / 4 Nights)

In the rainforest of Borneo, there are two different type of orangutans; the first is the original inhabitant of the park called wild orangutan and the second is the rehabilitated orangutan or ex-captive orangutan formerly confiscated and rescued from people who keep them as pets. The wild orangutans are in general difficult to play or interact with because they are shy and always keep distance with human. For example if you put some fruits on the ground they will never take it till you go away or disappear from their sight. It is not recommended to feed them but in some cases it is fine as long as you feed them their natural food such as fruits.


Upon arrival at Pangkalan Bun Airport you will be picked up by our local staff and take you to Kumai to board a traditional wooden river boat called Klotok about 6×2 m.sq with roof that acts as the upper deck where you can view the rainforest as it glides by. The tour team includes the boatman, a cook and expert guide. In the peaceful afternoon we will slowly explore the quite river by the klotok while observe the monkeys along the riverside. Dinner on the boat and overnight on the boat or lodge. If you decide to stay overnight on the boat we serve thin mattress, pillow, fine meals, bottled water, mosquito net, kitchen. Simple toilet is available on the boat.


After breakfast aboard the klotok, travel up the river in a 2 hour boating and then up a side creek to Camp Leakey where the older orangutans are reintroduced into the rainforest. En route stop at Pondok Tanguy, the rehabilitation center for the new ex-captive orangutans. At Camp Leakey you will have opportunity to trek into the rainforest with your expert guide and the forestry rangers to appreciate the flora as well as perhaps sighting wild orangutans, gibbons, macaques, and birds. Lunch provided on boat. In the afternoon visit the feeding station to see rehabilitated orangutans are given additional foods. After that we sail back down the river and stay overnight on the boat.


After breakfast, trek different trails again. You may encounter different orangutans both wild or ex-captive and other wildlife, see closely the tropical rainforest of Borneo. We are absolutely sure that the tropical rainforest of Borneo and its natural beauty will spoil you and make a lifetime best adventure experience. Meals and overnight stay on the boat.


After breakfast, you will explore deeper in the jungle, trek different trails, and you may encounter orangutan. See in front of you all kind of plants and animals typical of Borneo. Meals served on the boat, overnight stay on the boat or lodge .


After breakfast, boating down to Kumai before transfer by car to Pangkalan Bun airport for your fight back to Bali or other destination.

End of Services.

Places of interests :

Traditional Klotok boat
Traditional Klotok boat

Klotok ‣ The West Kalimantan region is famous for its river with beautiful views along its riverbank. Sekonyer River in Kumai has a scene of the hidden paradise. One way to enjoy the beauty along the groove of Sekonyer River is by taking Klotok boat, a traditional Kalimantan boat made of wood.

Camp Leakey
Camp Leakey

Camp Leakey ‣ Located in the Tanjung Puting Reserve (now National Park) in Central Borneo, Camp Leakey was established in 1971 by Dr. Biruté Galdikas and former spouse Rod Brindamour. It was named after the legendary paleo-anthropologist, Louis Leakey, who was both mentor and an inspiration to Dr. Galdikas as well as Drs. Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey. Originally consisting of just two huts, Camp Leakey is now an assemblage of permanent wooden structures designed to provide a base for scientists, staff, students and Park Rangers.

Orangutans of Borneo
Orangutans of Borneo

Pondok Tanggui ‣ Tanjung Puting National Park has three zone or center of orangutan rehabilitation; Tanjung Harapan, Pondok Tanggui and Camp Leakey. Orangutans that have passed the semi-wild phase are moved to Pondok Tanggui. Here, they are closely monitored from a distance and human contact is avoided. The orangutans are observed and registered at this area. At Pondok Tunggui, the feeding of orangutans is at around 9:30 am.

Monkey of Borneo's Rainforest
Borneo’s Rainforest

Rainforest ‣ Borneo has some of the world’s most wildlife-rich equatorial rainforests, incredible landscapes and rich indigenous culture. At 130 million years old, Borneo’s Rainforest is one of the oldest in the world, and home to a dizzying number of species;10,000 of plants, 3,000 of trees, 221 of land mammals and 380 of birds. During the Pleistocene glacial epoch, all of Borneo, Java, Sumatra, and mainland Indochina were part of the same landmass.