Celuk Village

Silver jewelr making at Celuk Village
Silver jewelry making

In Gianyar regency there are some art villages. One of those art villages is Celuk which is known as the “silver village”. Celuk Village is known as silver jewellry center in Bali. Craftsmen here make silver and gold jewelry and crafts at their homes and workshops for centuries. A visit to Celuk Village gave tourists the opportunity to see the artisans in action and buy their handicrafts directly on the spot.

Most visitors visiting the silver craftsmen in Celuk as part of tours visiting several other places one the way to Kintamani to see Mount Batur. Craft enthusiasts can enjoy tours that include visits to Celuk with other craft villages around Ubud. This tour usually includes visits to Mas carving village, Tohpati batik village and Batuan fine art village. Tourists on the way to Celuk often visit Ubud and Sukawati art markets.

Souvenir lovers and traditional craft lovers will not want to go home without visiting Celuk Village to see silver craftsmen at work. The style of silver metalwork in Celuk is quite traditional which gives charm to Celuk. Celuk Village is located next to the old village of Sukawati, about 14 kilometers south of Ubud and 5 kilometers from the IB Mantra bypass road. 

If a visit to Celuk is in your plan, visit between 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday, the craftsmen often work on Saturday too. To visit in a more calm or quiet atmosphere, you should come early in the morning.

Some families of craftsmen in Celuk have made silverware for generations, applying traditional styles. The trays and silver plates made by beating. Those very distinctive and beautiful jewelry design are used for rituals in Bali and sold to tourists. The silver materials for the jewellery are brought from other island as in Bali there is no silver mining.