Denpasar Square

Denpasar is the capital of Bali Province. This city is the most populous city in Bali. Tourists who come to Bali will tend to see choosing to go to other locations on the island as soon as they arrive. Maybe not much is offered to tourists in this densely populated city, but a closer look at tourists will find a multicultural city filled with restaurants, shopping, temples and friendly residents.

Denpasar has nearly 800,000 residents calling Denpasar their home. The temples and museums in the city offer a way to get to know Balinese culture a little better and there are usually not many tourists visiting.

The Bali Museum located outside Puputan Badung Field contains four pavilions, each of which is dedicated to different aspects of Balinese history and culture. The closest Jagatnata Temple is one of the few temples that can be visited freely for non-Hindus, so tourists are free to enter and see temples with white coral material inside. When tourists are ready to shop, they will find the Kumbasari handicraft market, Badung market and bird and animal markets, all within walking distance of one another.