Discover Lake Toba – Bahorok Orangutans (4 Days / 3 Nights)


Upon arrival at Medan Airport of North Sumatra, you will be welcomed by our tour guide and start Medan City Tour to visit Maria Annai Velangkani, an Indian-Mughal-style Catholic Church opened in 2005. This church is dedicated to Mother Velangkani or Mother Healer. Then visit Maimun Palace of Old Deli Kingdom that was designed by Italian architect and built by Sultan of Deli, Sultan Mahmud Al Rasheed. The construction of the palace started on 26 August 1888 and was completed on 18 May 1891. We also stop to see a Chinese temple.
Then depart for Parapat, a famous mountain and lake resort on the east shore of the immense volcanic Lake Toba, about 174km from Medan. En route, enjoy the view of small towns and then followed by fast view of rubber, oil palm plantations, paddy terraces, etc.
Arrive in Parapat, check in hotel for overnight stay.


After breakfast, 45 minute crossing to Samosir island, a big lovely island in the middle of Lake Toba. On arrival, visit the Tomb of King Sidabutar and Batak Toba Village at Tomok. Then to Ambarita, a traditional village with ancient megalithic furniture in front of the traditional house. Then depart for Brastagi via the ring road of Lake Toba. On the way enjoy the view of pine tree plantation and the magnificent view of Lake Toba, fertile vegetable and fruit farms. Stop to visit the ancient king’s palace of Simalungun at Pematang Purba. Proceed to the slender Sipiso-piso waterfall which drop into lake Toba from hundred of meter above.
Arrive in Brastagi, a chill mountain resort with two active volcanoes. Visit a fruit market and a traditional Batak Karo village.
Check in hotel for overnight stay. Dinner at hotel.


Breakfast at hotel. Check out hotel and drive north-westward to Bahorok via Medan to visit orangutan rehabilitation center at Bukit Lawang where orangutans are trained to return to their natural habitat. On the way we pass through small towns followed by vast view of rubber and oil palm plantations with some countryside landscape.
On arrival in Bahorok, start soft trekking to arrive at orangutans’ habitat. First walk along the riverbank to the crossing point and then cross the river to the orangutan rehabilitation center. Hike up the hill through the rainforest to see the activities of those young orangutans trained to return to their natural habitat.
Check in hotel for overnight stay. Dinner at hotel.


Breakfast at hotel. Check out hotel and depart for airport in Medan for the flight to the next destination. Departure flight must be after 12pm.

End of services.

Places of interest to visit:

Church of Maria Annai Velangkani
Maria Annai Velangkani

Maria Annai Velangkani ‣ The word Annai Velangkanni comes from the Tamil language where Annai means mother and Velangkanni is the name of a village where the mother of Mary appeared. Velankanni Village, located on the coast of the Tamil Nadu region of South India (English colonial pronounce it with Vailankanni), is believed to be the place where the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared in the 16th century.

Maimun Palace
Maimun Palace of Old Deli Kingdom

Maimun Palace of Old Deli Kingdom ‣ Istana Maimun is a heritage building of the Sultanate of Deli in Medan, North Sumatra. The journey to the palace on Jalan Brigjen Katamso can be taken by land transportation, 10 kilometers from Polonia International Airport and 28 kilometers from the port of Belawan.

Gunung Timur Chinese Temple
Gunung Timur Chinese Temple

Chinese Temple ‣ We visit one of some Chinese temples in North Sumatra. We visit Gunung Timur Temple or other Chinese temple. Vihara Gunung Timur has a distinctive form of building. On the roof of Vihara there is a statue of dragon facing each other and behind the statue is a giant fish-headed dragon head also. Right in front of the temple there are also large statues of lion statues of black and white.

Parapat Town
City of Parapat

Parapat Town ‣ City of Parapat is located in the southern part of Medan, the provincial capital of North Sumatra. It offers beautiful natural scenery and interesting local traditions. Parapat is inhabited by Batak Toba tribes of Pakpak, Karo and Simalungun. In addition, there are people coming from various other islands and from other ethnicities which explains why Parapat has rich culture and traditions.

Samosir Island in North Sumatra
Samosir Island

Samosir island ‣ Samosir Island in North Sumatra is a very unique island because it is a volcanic island located in the middle of Lake Toba. It is located 1,000 meters above sea level. Going to Samosir Island can be done early in the morning by taking ferry. While waiting for the boat departure, visitors can take photos of the views around the lake, capturing the beauty of Lake Toba. The locals use water from Lake Toba as the main source of water for their daily life.

Tomb of King Sidabutar
King Sidabutar Tomb

Tomb of King Sidabutar ‣ On the island of Samosir there is a historical heritage site of King Sidabutar Tomb. This tomb is made of natural stone. Some tombs of the royal relatives is located in the vicinity. The uniqueness of these historical tombs s that the tombs are not burried underground like ordinary tombs in general, but it is above the ground.

Artifacts from the Megalithic era
Ambarita Village

Ambarita Village ‣ Ambarita Village, also known as Huta Siallagan, is a village that has very rich Batak tribes’ cultural tradition as well as some artifacts from the Megalithic era. This village is located in the district of Simanindo, Samosir Regency. The village has a stone-carved objects such as a table, also a human statue called a representation of the ancient Batak life of Parmalim.

Simalungun Palace
Pematang Rumah Bolon

Simalungun Palace ‣ It is said that the ancient Pematang Rumah Bolon is a heritage building of Pangultop-Ultop, the first king of Simalungun. The palace was built in 1515 in the ancient district is about 170 kilometers from Medan, the capital city of North Sumatra Province. This palace was a dwelling place for the king along with Puang Bolon (empress) and 11 concubines or nasi bolon.

Sipiso-piso Waterfall
Sipiso-Piso waterfall

Sipiso-piso Waterfall ‣ Sipiso-Piso waterfall is one of the tourist attractions in the island of Sumatra. Located in Karo District, North Sumatera.This waterfall is located in the hill about 800 meters above sea level and is surrounded by pine forest. With a height of about 120 meters, Sipiso-Piso waterfall is one of the tallest waterfalls in Indonesia. With this waterfall, Karo Regency tourism is developing and become known among local and foreign tourists.

Sumatran orangutan
Sumatran orangutan

Bahorok ‣ Bukit Lawang is a nature tourist attraction in Bahorok Sub-district, North Sumatera. This place is famous for its heavy and clear river currents and the semi-wild Sumatran orangutan observation spot in the protected forest area of Gunung Leuser National Park. The Sumatran orangutan (pongo abelii) is one of the two species of orangutans in Indonesia and can only be found on the island of Sumatra. The other one is Borneo orangutan.