Discover Makassar & Toraja Tour (4 Days / 3 Nights)

South Sulawesi with its capital Makassar (formerly known as Ujung Pandang) is a beautiful region, located on the south-western peninsula of Sulawesi island. Makassar is the biggest city in Sulawesi. One of the most unique attractions in South Sulawesi is Tana Toraja.

On this tour we will visit Makassar, Tana Toraja and some other towns and villages along the way. The Toraja tribe is a tribe that resides in the mountainous north of South Sulawesi. Known to the outside and opened to the world from their long isolation only since the beginning of the last century, the Toraja people today still adhere to their age-old beliefs, rituals and traditions, although many of the population have embraced Christianity.


Pick up at hotel in Bali and transfer to the airport for the flight to Makassar. Upon arrival at Sultan Hasanuddin Airport in Makassar, pick up service by our tour guide and directly leave for Makassar City center which is about 30 minute drive away. Stop will be made at old Port Paotere where you can see Bugis-Makassar fishermen’s activities. They are famous in the world with their “Phinisi” boat. Lunch at local restaurant. Then visit Fort Rotterdam, the Royal Heritage Fortress of Gowa-Tallo. This castle is very unique if it is viewed from the top because it resembles the form of a turtle. In this castle complex there is a museum called Lagaligo. In the afternoon, continue to the bustling Losari Beach Pavilion that is visited by locals and tourists to enjoy sunset. You can enjoy Makassar typical culinary banana “epe” which is sold along the way. Dinner at local restaurant. Transfer to hotel for check in and overnight stay.


After breakfast at hotel, check out hotel and depart to Toraja in an 8 hour drive. The journey to Toraja will go through Bugis villages with view of ricefields and traditional Bugis “Panggung House”, coastal areas and a winding mountainous roads. Stop for lunch at a local restaurant in Pare-Pare city. The journey continues to the city of Rantepao Toraja. En route stop at Puncak Lakawan or also known as Mount Nona for a short break. On arrival at Rantepao Toraja, dinner and check in hotel for overnight stay.


After breakfast you will be escorted to visit the tourist attractions in Toraja. We will first visit Lemo, a cemetery located on a rock cliff with a row of Toraja statues “Tau-Tau”, each of which is a replica of the person who is buried there. Then we visit Suaya, the tombs of the Kings of Sanggalla and his family. Next visit will be to Londa, a traditional cemetery located inside a natural cave where you can see hundreds of years old crates, bones and skulls. Lunch at a local restaurant. Afterwards, visit Kete Kesu traditional village of Toraja with a series of traditional houses “Tongkonan” and its granary. Dinner and overnight stay in Toraja.


After breakfast, check out hotel and return to Makassar. En route stop for a break at Puncak Lakawan again to see the beauty of Mount Bambapuang in the morning. Lunch at local restaurant in Pare – Pare city. The journey continues to Makassar and directly go to Makassar Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport for the flight back to Bali. On arrival at the airport in Bali, transfer to hotel.

End of services.

Places of interest to visit :

City of Makassar
City of Makassar

Makassar ‣ This city is the largest city in eastern Indonesia and the capital city of South Sulawesi province. Makassar enjoys a central location in the Indonesian archipelago and is an Indonesian busy air hub, connecting Sumatra, Java, Bali and Kalimantan in the west with Sulawesi, the Moluccas and Papua in the east. Attractions in the heart of Makassar range from historical sites, boardwalk waterfront, a plethora of culinary treats and architectural landmarks.

Paotere Harbor in Makassar
Paotere Harbor

Old Port Paotere ‣ This port is located 4km north of the city centre, is a large port where Bugis sailing ships berth. Nearby is one of Indonesia’s largest fish markets where you can find giant tuna, giant crabs and every sea creature you can imagine on sale.  The place is busy from morning to late afternoon. Paotere Harbor is one of the oldest ports in Indonesia, from Gowa-Tallo Kingdom in the 14th century.

Royal Heritage Fortress of Gowa-Tallo or Fort Rotterdam
Fortress of Gowa-Tallo

Royal Heritage Fortress of Gowa-Tallo ‣ Fort Rotterdam was built by the Dutch to defend the city from invading ships, which in the 19th century included the British. The fort stands on the grounds which, since the 16th century was once the seat of the  powerful Bugis kingdom of Gowa. This is one of the few fortresses in Indonesia that have remained intact, so that it is interesting to see how these old forts were constructed. The fortress was built in 1545 by the ninth king of Gowa I Manrigau Daeng Bonto Karaeng Lakiung Tumapa’risi ‘ Kallonna.

Losari Beach
Losari Beach

Losari Beach ‣ which is the best place to watch the tropical sun slowly sink over the horizon. This place becomes busy near sundown when hawkers come to sell all kinds of yummy foodstuff including mouthwatering seafood, while lovers await the setting sun beyond the blue sea.

Tana Toraja farmland
Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja ‣ Tana Toraja is safely protected beyond the lofty mountains and rugged granite cliffs of the central highlands of the island of Sulawesi and the home of the Toraja people. ‘Discovered’ and opened to the world from their long isolation only since the beginning of the last century, the Toraja today still adhere to their age-old beliefs, rituals and traditions.

Puncak Lakawan
Puncak Lakawan

Puncak Lakawan ‣ This mountain also known as Mount Nona has the height of about 1,157 above sea level. It is located in the area of Bambapuang Village, Enrekang. You can enjoy the view of the surrounding valleys and green hills. In addition, there are many type of flora and fauna such as monkeys, deer, orchids and many more.

Lemo of Toraja

Lemo ‣ Lemo is one unique place to visit in Toraja. In Lemo there is a cemetery that is carved directly on the wall of a cliff or hill, a cemetery for the nobility. There are more than 70 ancient holes carved on the wall of the hill and inside those holes the Toraja people living there stored wooden statues (tau-tau) as a representation of the deceased. Periodically, the attire of each tau-tau is replaced through a ceremony called Ma’nene (pay ones’ respect to their elders or ancestors).

Royal cemetery of Suaya

Suaya ‣ Located 9 km east of Makale in Sangalla district. Here there is a royal cemetery on the new cliffs with several statues (tau-tau) and an ancient carved chest of wood called Erong. This stone tomb is dedicated to Puang Tamboro Langi, his wife Trangga Bulan, and his descendants. The graveyard lies on one of the hillsides. It is carved as the resting place of the kings and kings’ family.

Tongkonan traditional house of Toraja people
Tongkonan traditional house

Tongkonan ‣ Tongkonan is a traditional house of Toraja people made of wood from Uru tree that grow a lot in Sulawesi. Tongkonan’s most prominent part is the boat-like roof. It was a reminder of the Toraja people that their ancestors used boats to reach Sulawesi. On top of the house usually there is a buffalo head statue attached. There are 3 colors of buffalo ranging from white, black to striped or commonly called bule. This house shows social status.