Discover Yogyakarta Day Trip (L)

Explore Yogyakarta in a day. You will be picked up at your Bali hotel in Kuta, Sanur or NusaDua, direct transfer to the airport to take a flight to Yogyakarta. On arrival in Yogyakarta you will be welcomed by our tour guide and then visit Borobudur Temple-Indonesia’s largest Buddhist monument which is also one of the world’s heritage. It has spectacular setting and view, very popular among domestic and foreign tourists.

Then stop at Candi Mendut. Lunch at a local restaurant before visiting a batik factory. Then visit Kotagede – a village of blacksmith center and also visit Prambanan Hindu Temple. Prambanan Temple is a beautiful temple and it is one of the biggest Hindu temples in Java. After visiting Prambanan we go back to Yogyakarta airport for the return flight to Bali. Transfer service from airport to your hotel in Bali.

End of services.

Places of interest to visit:

Stupas at Borobudur Buddhist Temple
Borobudur Buddhist Temple

Borobudur Buddhist Temple ‣ Borobudur Temple is the largest Buddhist temple in the world. Built in the 9th century during the reign of the Sailendra Dynasty. Borobudur temple is a UNESCO world heritage site. The temple was built in mandala pattern reflecting the universe in the Buddhist beliefs. Located in Magelang, the temple is about one and a half hour drive from the center of City of Yogyakarta.

Mendut Temple
Mendut Temple

Candi Mendut ‣ There is no certainty about when Candi Mendut was built, but J.G. de Casparis suspected that Mendut temple was built by the first king of the Syailendra dynasty in 824 AD. The allegations are based on the contents of Karangtengah inscription (824 M), which Mentioned that King Indra had made a holy building named Wenuwana. Casparis interpreted Wenuwana (Bamboo forest) as Mendut temple. There is an estimated age of Mendut temple older than the age of Barabudhur Temple.

Batik Yogyakarta
Batik Yogyakarta

Batik Yogyakarta ‣ Batik Yogyakarta or Batik Jogja is part of Javanese culture. Each of Jogja’s batik motifs that exist in each region has its own form and meaning. These motifs and shapes reflect the living philosophy of the surrounding community. Batik Yogyakarta has its own variation. Traditional Batik in the palace environment of Yogyakarta has a distinctive characteristic in the white basic color display that is clean. The geometry patterns of Yogyakarta Palace are very distinctive, large, and some of them are enriched with machetes and nitik (means to create a dot).

Silver bracelets worn by a woman
Silver Jewelry at Kotagede

Kotagede ‣ In around 16th century, Ki Ageng Pemanahan built a small village in the forest and slowly the village expanded until the year Ki Gede Pemanahan died. His leadership was continued by his son, Senopati Ingalaga. The village under the leadership of Senopati Ingalaga grew and continued to develope rapidly so that it transformed into a very bustling and prosperous city and was eventually called Kotagede or “the great city”.

Prambanan Hindu Temple
Prambanan Hindu Temple

Prambanan Hindu Temple ‣ Prambanan Temple is the biggest Hindu temple in Indonesia. Until now it is uncertain when the temple was built and on the orders of WHO, but strongly suspected that the Prambanan temple was built around the middle of the 9th century by the king of the Sanjaya dynasty, the king Balitung Maha Sambu. The allegations are based on the contents of the Syiwagrha inscription found around Prambanan and currently stored in the national Museum in Jakarta. The year-old inscription 778 Saka (856 M) was written during the reign of Rakai Pikatan.