East Bali Highlights Tour

Explore the eastern side of Bali Island on a full-day tour to see the natural beauty and cultural riches of the island. The tour includes visit to Tirta Gangga Water Palace – a beautiful garden with water fountain and fish ponds, the seaside town of Candidasa and the traditional village of Tenganan, home of the Bali Aga people who are the island’s original inhabitants. Admire rolling emerald hills, lush rice paddies, stunning architecture and ancient traditions of the island. Also stop en route at Kusamba village to visit Goa Lawah Bat Cave Temple.

Places of interest to visit :

Floating Pavilion of Kerta Gosha Hall of Justice

Kerta Gosha ‣ Klungkung is a small city in Bali that has great historical, cultural and artistic value. Klungkung with its capital, Semarapura, was the seat of government for the most powerful king dynasty in Bali, Dewa Agung. In the past, the island of Bali experienced a period known for its rich culture and arts and Klungkung became the center of it all.

Bat Cave at Bat Cave Temple

Goa Lawah Temple ‣ Goa Lawah Temple or Bat Cave Temple in Klungkung is one of the six very important temples in Bali. The other five temples are Pura Lempuyang, Uluwatu, Andakasa, Batukaru and Silayukti Temple. The name Goa Lawah come from the words Goa and Lawah that literally means bats cave. Inside the temple there is a cave inhabited by thousands of bats.

Tenganan Traditional Village

Tenganan Village ‣ Tenganan Village is undoubtedly one of the rarest places in Bali. Unlike other villages, Tenganan is not inhabited by Hindus as in other areas of Bali but by the original Balinese people known as Bali Aga, a small proportion of the population has retained their pre-Hindu beliefs and traditions. They did not have a caste system and they also did not apply other Balinese Hindu traditions such as cremation, they chose to bury their dead instead.

Tirta Gangga water garden

Tirta Gangga Water Garden ‣ Raja Karangasem built his fantasy water palace in Tirta Gangga in 1948, and it is one of the most beautiful sights in eastern Bali. In that location and its surroundings there are fertile rice fields, ornamental gardens with swimming pools, fountains, stone carvings, fish ponds and spacious pavilions. This is one of the most striking royal palaces in Indonesia.

Karangasem Royal Palace

Puri Agung Karangasem ‣ Like the more famous and more crowded Tirta Gangga Water Palace, this royal palace in eastern Bali is a memorable reminder of the power that the kings of Karangasem once possessed when they controlled most of the island of Lombok. Interesting parts to see from Puri Agung Karangasem include multi-storey entry gates, good photo taking, and quiet fish ponds. The royal family still uses this castle as a place to live.