Explore Sumba Tour (3 Days / 2 Nights)


Upon arrival at Tambolaka, pick up service and tour to Waikabubak. Visit beautiful traditional villages of Tarung and Puunaga. At these villages visitors can have a closer look into the unique high-roofed houses, the stone tombs and see Andung which is the branched wood pole used to hang the skull of the dead village enemies after the inter clan wars. Check-in at hotel for overnight stay.


After breakfast, visit traditional village in Kodi area where you can see the tallest-almost as high as the tall coconut trees-traditional Sumba house, the home of the traditional Marapu believers. We also make a stop at a virgin white sand beach to enjoy the nature beauty. Lunch box will be provided in the remote area as the restaurant is still not common. Return to hotel for overnight stay.


After breakfast, visit Waingapu market and souvenir shops where you can buy traditional ikat weaving fabrics.
Depart to the airport for departure flight to the next destination.

End of services.

Places of interest to visit :

Town of Waikabubak
Town of Waikabubak

Waikabubak ‣ Waikabubak is a town on the island of Sumba in the East Nusa Tenggara. It is the capital of West Sumba Regency. Travellers come to this town to explore local culture, such as to see Sumba’s traditional clothes making. Many villagers wear beautiful traditional dress daily and tourists can take pictures together with them if they are free. Traditional houses and stone graves are among other attractions to see.

Menara traditional houses of Tarung Village and Puunaga Village
Menara traditional houses

Tarung Village & Puunaga Village ‣ This village is worth visiting for its people’s traditional way of living and their distinctive traditional houses called “Menara”. There are about 100 of these houses. The locals’ respect for nature can be seen from the view that the village is surrounded by big trees and other lush plants, which make the area shady.

Kodi Village
Kodi Village

Kodi Village ‣ Kodi is the most western subdistrict of Sumba. The highlight of the area is the spectacular traditional village houses, whose roofs are the highest of all Sumba. Many Sumbanese claim that the Kodi people are the original island inhabitants, on account of them being slightly darker colored.

Waingapu Market
Waingapu Market

Waingapu Market ‣ In this traditional market, people sells various kinds of things ranging from food ingredients to clothing. Tourists can also find Sumba woven cloth here. Alongside a variety of food items, there are several stalls selling Sumba woven fabrics with a variety of pattern, quality, and shape.