Fishing Adventure

Fishing sport adventure in Bali

There are a few spots in Bali popular for ocean fishing trip. Those places among others are Jimbaran Bay, Candidasa, Lembongan Island, Nusa Dua. The fishing trips can be bottom fishing, trolling, jigging, light tackle fishing, night fishing, casting and popping fishing.

Fishing at Bali waters and Indian Ocean is an exciting recreation to get rid of the stress from weeks or months of hard working. Indonesia is maritime country and one of the countries with the vastest sea area. The sea around Bali island is one best fishing venue to catch all kind of big fishes. You can feel like a professional fisherman and catch the fish as big as you can from the Ocean, of course with a selfie or two with the catch afterward.

You can troll for big tuna, blue marlin, mackerel and many other species of deep water game fishes. You can also catch other species of fish such as giant trevally, snappers, grouper, blue trevally, scribbled filefish, sucker fish, bream, catfish, crappie and others.

In one fishing trip for example, a licensed experienced captain with crew take you around the sacred island of Nusa Penida, or the southern coastal waters of Bali where you can view spectacular sites while fishing. The captain and crew will chose the best spots.

The bottom fishing is fun and it is probably one of the easiest methods of all to learn if you are new to saltwater fishing and want to catch fish, instead of just taking boat rides. The crew will show you some difference rig set-ups for the particular fishing technique.