Flying Fish Ride

Flying fish ride on the beach

Flying Fish ride is one among the most interesting and thrilling water sport rides in Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua. This recreation activity uses a wide rubber boat in a forms of flying fish. This fish-like flying boat is a combination of 3 banana-shaped boats, connected together. There is a wing on the right and left side of the boat resembling the fish fins. This boat flies above the surface of the water when pulled by a speed boat so basically it is like a big rubber kite.

For one ride the boat has a maximum capacity of 3 persons including one guide in the middle, the participants are on either side of the guide. On the boat you can sit like riding a motorcycle or just lay down. The safest is the sleep position.

The flying fish boat is pulled by a speed boat with high speed against the wind direction. Because of the wind, the flying fish boat can fly at the height of approximately 2 meters from from the surface of the water. Flying altitude usually depends on the wind speed but the safest is to fly at a height of 2 – 3 meters from the surface of the water.

This flying fish ride operator has well-trained and experienced guides and staffs and safety is very important. They also have adequate equipment that meet international standard.

For 2 rides of flying fish it takes 10 minutes. The participants age must be from 12-year old to 65-year old.