Gedong Archa Museum

Sarcofagus at Gedung Archa Museum

Bali Museum Arca Building, also known as the Archaeological Museum or Pejeng Archaeological Museum, is located in Pejeng village not far from Ubud. Established in the mid-20th century and renovated in 2016, the museum offers an eclectic collection that includes archaeological findings from thousands of years of human occupation in Bali.

In this small Arca Building Museum that is not far from Ubud, a visit to the museum and a free tour. The guide directs visitors to see a collection of Stone Age tools, Bronze relics and mysterious sarcophagi. This museum is usually not included in public stops on Bali tours. Those who have an interest in prehistoric or archaeological objects can arrange their visits with private tour guides, perhaps combined with stops at historical sites such as Gunung Kawi, Tirtha Empul and Yeh Pulu.

The Arca Building Museum is closed on weekends, so visiting on working days and hours is a must. This museum has never been busy but if visitors want to take advantage of the free guide service, avoid lunch and religious day hours in Bali.

In general Indonesian archeology is still in its infancy, but researchers are continuing to explore the legacies that are rich in human occupation on thousands of islands in the country. From Stone Age tools to Chinese ceramics and Bronze Age drums, Balinese archeology reveals sophisticated trade and migration networks in the past.