Goa Lawah Temple

Bats at Bat Cave Temple – Klungkung

Goa Lawah Temple or Bat Cave Temple in Klungkung is one of the six very important temples in Bali. The other five temples are Pura Lempuyang, Uluwatu, Andakasa, Batukaru and Silayukti Temple. The name Goa Lawah come from the words Goa and Lawah that literally means bats cave. Inside the temple there is a cave inhabited by thousands of bats.

It is not known exactly when and who built this temple. According to researchers the temple was built in 11th century based on the idea of a Hindu priest with the name Mpu Kuturan. The temple is intended to worship the God as controller of the sea.

Legend says the cave leads all the way to Pura Besakih Mother Temple, some 19 km away. The bats provide sustenance for the legendary giant snake, the deity Naga Basuki, which is also believed to live in the cave.

The temple is located at Pesinggahan Village, Dawan Sub District, Klungkung. It is about 10 km to the east of Klungkung city, approximately 50 km from the city of Denpasar. It takes around 1 hour and 25 minutes to get to this temple by car. The temple is also a frequent stop for the tours to visit Candidasa, which is about 19 km to the east.

In front of the temple across the street, the beach with black sand is interesting to see. Some fishermen harvest sea salt here.