Helicopter Charter

There are numerous helicopter services that can be handled by helicopter provider companies in Bali. In general it is covered by air medical evacuation in the case of a serious emergency on any of the trips. Helicopter charters offer tailor-made itineraries to suit client needs and offer competitive rates for private charter work.

If you need to travel from one location to another within a limited amount of time, the flexibility of a helicopter means that you can land at a wide range of locations as well as all airports throughout the region. They can get you to your destination safe, rapid and in comfort. The helicopters used among others are EurocopterB2 and Bell Helicopter 206 family.


Range of helicopter charter services in Bali :

  • Hotel and airport transfers
  • Inter-island flights
  • Wedding proposals
  • Custom charter flights
  • Aerial filming & photography
  • Banner advertising
  • Emergency Air Medivac
  • Personalized helicopter tours