Bali will Soon Open International Tourism

Bali is preparing to open international tourism. A number of policies are being discussed to welcome the opening of this Bali tourism. Deputy for Strategic Policy Affairs of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Kurleni Umar said the opening of Bali tourism was carried out in stages. “The opening is done in stages. Nusa Dua, Sanur, and Ubud as pilot projects, ”he said when presenting the pre-conditions for the reopening of Bali Tourism, Wednesday (7/4/2021) at Taman Nusa, Gianyar, Bali. He continued, tourism will be opened if there is a low risk of transmission. Therefore, vaccination is carried out in these three zones to achieve herd immunity.

There are also several parameters that must be met, such as a decrease in the rate of new cases and a decrease in the population contracting Covid-19. The readiness of an adequate health and safety system is also a parameter for opening up Bali. Kurleni Umar also asked for a safe transportation system. “I want someone to be responsible for transportation, which means ensuring an integrated transportation system with a safe zone. The point here is to ensure tourists visit the green zone,” he said. Meanwhile, Head of the Bali Tourism Office, Putu Astawa, emphasized that travel agents should invite tourists to visit the green zone. “Travel agencies must also arrange tour packages according to the governor’s direction,” he said.

Of course with the integration of various elements of tourists who come healthy as well as when they return home healthy. Astawa added that the travel bubble that will be opened later, namely tourists from China, the UAE, Singapore and South Korea. He hopes that the governance of tourism development must be organized in a patterned, comprehensive, planned, directed, and integrated manner in one. According to him, Ubud as a pilot project for the opening of tourism is also due to the history of Bali tourism which started from Ubud and expanded to Sanur and Nusa Dua.

Source: Kompas

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