Jimbaran Fish Market

ishes at Jimbaran Fish Market
Fishes at Jimbaran Fish Market

The Jimbaran Fish Market, a market that locals call the Kedonganan Traditional Fish Market is an interesting place in Bali that needs to be visited. Every morning traditional brightly colored fishing boats and larger commercial fishing boats dismantle their impressive fish catches. Locals also roast the fish you buy for a small fee.

Jimbaran Fish Market is quite easy to visit alone, although visitors might get more from it by coming with a good tour guide who can explain the types of fish and tricks of the fish trade there, and direct visitors to quality products. Kedonganan is a popular stop for food lovers tours in Bali. Several tours in the southern region that include sea fish dinners with sunset views on Jimbaran Beach take you to the market first. In general because of heavy traffic, winding roads and language barriers, coming up with a private tour guide or joining an organized tour can help you get satisfactory results from all visits in Bali.

Sunset at Jimbaran Beach
Sunset at Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran Fish Market is a place that should not be missed for culinary lovers and markets. As expected from the fish market in developing countries, Kedonganan is a smelly place so be careful if visitors are sensitive to smells or if you bring small children especially during the day and evening the catch on display can be far from fresh. Tips for buying the best fish, buy fish with bright eyes, shiny skin, hard meat, and red gills. Or choose cultivated shrimp which is generally a safe choice if visitors like to eat shrimp.

Kedonganan is a pleasant coastal place. If visitors have enough time, walking north along the coast of Jimbaran beach resort is a very pleasant recreation. The best choice for public transportation from other places if tourists stay in the Kuta area is the Kura Kura tourist bus which departs from the Duty Free Shop mall in Kuta and stops near the market.