Kereneng Night Market

Foods at Kereneng Night Market – Denpasar

Kereneng Market located in Denpasar is very well known to the community of Denpasar. This market is a traditional market that sells everyday necessities like many general markets in the morning until late during the day. At night, this market area turns into a night market where most of the stalls sell food and apparels. As a result this market operates almost 24 hours per day as the night market operates until dawn. The Kereneng night Market is relatively easy to reach by motorcycle or by car, less than 20 minutes from Sanur area or around 30 minutes from Kuta area.

If you stay in Denpasar or nearby, this Kereneng Night Market should not be missed. The interesting thing about this market is that it provides a variety of Balinese culinary such as nasi babi guling or suckling pig to pork soup soto Babi which may be one of the favorite menu to enjoy. You can also have nasi jinggo or the Javanese’s nasi campur. Enjoying the culinary at Pasar Kereneng is a very interesting experience. Make sure you ask for the food price or ask for the menu before ordering. If it was too pricey, you could always go to other stalls.

People enjoy the food served on a long table, in the shade of tent or tarp, blend with the other visitors of the market. Sometimes as it is quite warm fans also accompany the dinner in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the market. Here is a rule of thumb when it comes to finding a place to eat during a holiday: “Eat where the locals eat”. Kereneng Night Market on Jalan Kamboja, East Denpasar is always occupied mostly by the hungry Bali residents. Opens from 6 pm to 2 am every day except during Balinese New Year Nyepi Day.