Kerta Gosha Hall of Justice

Floating Pavilion Kertha Gosha

Klungkung is a small city in Bali that has great historical, cultural and artistic value. Klungkung with its capital, Semarapura, was the seat of government for the most powerful king dynasty in Bali, Dewa Agung. In the past, the island of Bali experienced a period known for its rich culture and arts and Klungkung became the center of it all.

Klungkung Palace was built in the early 18th century but was largely destroyed by the Dutch at the beginning of the 20th century. The most interesting remnants of the Klungkung palace include the Bale Kambang, also known as the Floating Pavilion and the famous Kertha Gosha or the Hall of Justice. Kertha Gosa was used as a court place for the Klungkung kingdom where disputes and cases were tried and resolved. This open-side pavilion is an example of Klungkung’s extraordinary traditional architecture and has a fully enclosed ceiling with intricate mural paintings.

Elsewhere in Klungkung there are a number of markets and shops to see, along with several museums and galleries, with a special focus on traditional Indonesian puppet art. Klungkung is about 25 kilometers from Ubud on the main route to the eastern cities of Bali such as Padang Bai, Candidasa and others.