Kusamba Fishing Village

Kusamba Beach – Klungkung

This coastal village called Kusamba in the east of Bali has a volcanic sandy beach where traditional sea salt harvesting and marine fishing continue to be important livelihoods to connect the lives of the local community. Although Kusamba is not one of the best beaches for swimming in Bali, the hot black sand makes lazing on the beach very interesting. The beach will be busy and come alive at night and in the early hours when fishermen boat anchored to lower their fish catches on the beach and salt workers carry sea buckets above their shoulders with bamboo tubes from the beach to look for sea salt. Fish is displayed in the village market, but salt making is a process that continues throughout the day. Salt water is spread over several parts of the black sand beach which is left to become a crystal in the hot sun. The sand is then collected and rinsed with fresh water before being placed into a filter and finally poured onto a wooden board to dry. Salts rich in iodine are finally accommodated in wicker baskets for sale.

Kusamba is also a village as a place to cross to the island of Nusa Penida, the largest island in a cluster of three islands about 11 kilometers offshore. Despite having a limited tourism infrastructure, the island of Nusa Penida is inhabited by around 40,000 people and is home to several endangered species of Balinese birds.

To see the busiest salt workers and take stunning sunrise photos, try to be on the beach before 6 in the morning. Morning visits to Kusamba are often combined with a visit to Goa Lawah Temple, an ancient temple with bat caves. Kusamba is about 36 kilometers northeast of Denpasar City and about 27 kilometers southeast of Ubud.