Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach with White Sand

The first beach hotel in Bali opened in the 1930s amidst the golden white sand and metronomic waves of Kuta beach. In the 1960s and 1970s, Australian surfers popularized the place. Now Kuta Beach is a place for beach tourism, the most vibrant and most beautiful area in Bali.

From villages that were lonely in the past, now the environment around Kuta Beach has become the busiest place in Bali filled with tourists both local and foreign tourists. This beach is very popular where Australians often visit and most are already proficient in bargaining. Even though tourists have not been so confident to do activities on the waves whether doing bodyboarding, swimming or surfing, tourists can enjoy it under the watchful eye of the coast guard.

Most of the tours to Kuta Beach are centered on beach sand and rolling waves. Unique experiences that can be enjoyed include surfing courses in Kuta and bodyboarding. Kuta surfing schools are for beginners and most have surfboards to help build confidence. Although it is very possible to learn privately from many surf rentals on the beach, many prefer to order lessons online with a fixed price guarantee.

Kuta Beach is busy all year round and is not a place to keep away from crowds or seclusion. Do not be mistaken to find Kuta beach in Bali with Kuta on the neighboring island of Lombok because Kuta in Lombok is also a beach surfing spot. Waves on Kuta Beach are very fun to play for teenagers and adults but may be too strong for younger children where there is a choice of beaches in the eastern part of southern Bali, the Sanur beach with lighter waves.