Lake Batur

Lake Batur
Lake Batur and Mount Abang

Located on the foot of Mount Batur volcano and Gunung Abang, Lake Batur is a crater lake that is considered sacred by Balinese people. In addition to sunrise trekking, Mount Batur offers hot springs, canoe rides, and tours to Trunyan Village, where Bali Aga people have a tradition of letting the bodies of their dead rot in the open air.

Located in the heart of the Kintamani agricultural highlands, the beauty of Lake Batur can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, one of the popular choices is the buffet lunch in the restaurant area located above the caldera. But mountain climbing to enjoy the view of the sun rising on Mount Batur is probably a unique favorite tour. A visit to the lake as part of a tour is often combined with a visit to terraced rice fields and art villages along the road to here.

Volcanic hot springs channel water to a number of ponds around the lake, which also offers natural warm bath services and restaurant dining. A boat trip on the lake usually goes to Trunyan Village where villagers practice a unique type of outdoor funeral in Bali. Canoes are also available for rent. The water of Lake Batur is cold but the water in the hot spring pool is warm. If visitors want to feel the atmosphere of a warm bath or bathing in a lake, bring a bathing suit. Guides are needed for mountain climbing to see the sunrise from the summit of Mount Batur. Tourists are required to dress modestly when visiting the cemetery in Trunyan Village.

Located in the highlands of Bali, Lake Batur attractions can be visited in various ways. To get there, you can arrange transportation yourself either by car or motorcycle, either with a private driver, self-drive, or take part in an organized full day tour with a tour guide. The easiest place to start a day trip to Kintamani is Ubud.

Lake Batur can be choppy during the day and night, so if tourists plan water-based activities it is better to come visit in the morning. Like most tourism restaurants in Indonesia, restaurants on the edge of the mountain caldera are usually full of large groups of tourists during lunch hours. If this lunch is a priority for tourists, consider visiting early or late in the afternoon after the general lunch hour.