Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach – North Bali

With Kuta busy with tourists both local and foreign tourists, Lovina Beach, located on the north side of the island, is very calm and relaxed. The resorts scattered along the 12 kilometer coastline tend to serve families and couples, and everything from the waves on the coast to nightlife tends to be quieter than the atmosphere in southern Bali.

Lovina itself is actually a series of seven coastal villages, with the largest concentration of restaurants and shops in Kalibukuk but travelers do not come here to see the city. They come here like in most parts of Bali to see the beach. Unlike the southern coast, the beaches in the north have black sand and calm waters that are safe for swimming.

If tourists are interested in seeing dolphins in their natural habitat while in Bali, this trip often departs from Lovina. Tourists will also be able to do diving, snorkeling and visiting some inexpensive and reputable spas.