Mas Village

Wood Carving at Mas Village

Mas Village, one of the many artist villages not far from Ubud, is the best place on the island to find high-quality Balinese wood carvings – considered one of the best wood carvings in the world. Part of the prestigious reputation of this village comes from the birthplace of Ida Bagus Tilem, one of the most famous craftsmen in Bali. His wife and son continue to operate their admired galleries and workshops.

Visitors to Mas Village will find a wood carving style that is characterized by a synergy between humanism and naturalism. Balinese masks and carvings inspired by Buddhist and Hindu mythology are among the popular items. If tourists plan to buy wood sculpture, it’s a good idea to visit Mas Village to watch carving experts at their workplaces and see some very impressive large sculptures. Just as when visiting other craft villages in Bali, be prepared to bargain at Mas.