Mount Agung

View of Mount Agung – East Bali

When there are signs of volcanic activity the evacuation zone has been around since 2017. Gunung Agung offers one of the most challenging and interesting climbing sites in Bali. Towering 3,031 meters above sea level, this volcano can usually be climbed on a long and tiring day, either from Pasar Agung Pura or from the Besakih Temple.
The temperature at the top of Mount Agung can go down to near freezing at night so bringing warm clothes to climbers is a must. The climbing route of Mount Agung is very steep and slippery in various places so the use of the right boots is a must too.

Before starting the climb or when deciding to use a guide, the climber must ask the guide if he will give a headlamp or do he need to bring it himself. Gunung Agung is one of Indonesia’s difficult volcano climbing places, the health condition of climbers is very important.

To get to Mount Agung, it takes several hours from Sanur or Nusa Dua. Ubud is a better place to start. In Karangasem, northeast of Bali, Gunung Agung can only be climbed by a guide. Most tourists choose a comfortable sunrise climbing tour that includes round-trip transfers from their accommodation and no need to drive alone after climbing at night. Freelance guides can usually be found in two main starting points for climbing, namely Pasar Agung Temple and Besakih Temple.

For great scenery and visibility, climbing Mount Agung is almost always done to reach the peak at sunrise hours. Climbing during the dry season is recommended from March to September, because rain can make steep and challenging paths very slippery and temperatures at the top can be cooler.

Indonesia is home to more than 120 active volcanoes, and volcanic climbing is one of the many activities of people in this country. If Mount Agung is closed due to volcanic activity, or if you prefer to climb places that are less physically challenging, Mount Batur offers beautiful sunrise views, while Mount Rinjani in neighboring Lombok is an epic few days of climbing.