Museum Puri Lukisan

Some Collection of Puri Lukisan Museum

One of the three large art galleries in Ubud, Puri Lukisan Museum is located in the center of Ubud. This museum collection not only includes paintings and drawings of Bali but also wood carvings and works of foreign artists. Puri Lukisan Museum is the oldest art museum in Ubud founded in 1956 by a foundation founded in 1936.

Located on Ubud’s main road, namely Jalan Raya Ubud, Puri Lukisan Museum is quite easy to visit by coming alone, the collection is labeled and easy to navigate. Buildings in the east show classic Ubud art including 16th century fabric paintings, ink drawings by master I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, and art by 1930s star expats in the northern building. Colorful contemporary paintings decorate buildings in the west including the works of Indonesian-born Dutch artist Arie Smit. The southern building is used for exhibitions.

Puri Lukisan Museum is a popular stop on the Ubud tour. To get the maximum visit from the gallery, tourists should choose a special art or cultural tour. Art enthusiasts will appreciate the bookstore at the Puri Lukisan Museum, one of the best in Bali. The museum’s gardens have rice fields and lotus ponds, while there are also cafes and restaurants on site.
With art objects up to 500 years old, this museum collection is one of the most complete collections in Bali.

The museum is open all year with the exception of Nyepi Day of Silence, Puri Lukisan Museum is generally best visited in the morning. Because some of the charms are in the park, you should visit on a dry day which is more common during the Bali dry season, which is around March to September.

With various art institutions from commercial art galleries to large-scale institutions and of course the traditional art market, Ubud is known as the art capital of Bali. The three Balinese art galleries that cultural visitors don’t want to miss are Puri Lukisan Museum, Agung Rai Art Museum (ARMA), and the Neka Art Museum.