Nyoman Gunarsa Museum

Nyoman Gunarsa Museum in Klungkung

The Nyoman Gunarsa Museum in Klungkung was built in 1990 by by the late internationally renowned Balinese painter Nyoman Gunarsa (1944–2017). It was inaugurated in 1994 by the Minister of Tourism and Culture, Mr. Wardiman Djoyonegoro. Built in a modern Balinese style, this museum building consists of 3 storeys, two floors are for painting artworks, antiques collection and sculptures. The paintings collection are also divided into classics and modern paintings. One other floor is intended for exhibition space, such as for foreign artists or locals who want to host a painting exhibition.

Collection of classical paintings owned by the museum are from the last era, new and also the collection of works by Nyoman Gunarsa himself. Gunarsa’s paintings are colourful and expressionistic depictions of traditional life; many reference local folklore. As well as his works, there is an impressive variety of older pieces from Gunarsa’s personal collection, including stone carvings, woodcarvings, architectural antiques, masks, puppets and textiles. There are more than 250 paintings displayed.

The museum is about 4 km west from Semarapura (Klungkung), near a bend on the Gianyar road, at the junction of Banda-Takmung, Banjarangkan. It is open everyday except Mondays, starting at 09.00 to 17.00.