A fun parasailing on the beach

Parasailing is a fun and thrilling recreation activity to do. It gives the thrills almost like parachuting. While in the air participants can enjoy the view of the surrounding. To do parasailing you do not need to have any parachuting experience because the parasailing parachute is pulled by a speed boat around the coast.

Before the ride, a guide or staff will give introduction about the equipment and instructions on how to prepare for flight, when flying in the air, landing technique, etc. Because of the nature of this water sport and the hot weather, it is recommended to wear comfortable clothes as well as solar protection.

The parachutes with various color options used are adjusted to the participant’s weight so that he or she does not overwork the equipment and to maintain balance and comfort in the air as well as during take off and landing.

The parachute is pulled by a speed boat with a rope with the distance of about 80 between the parachute and the boat. For one round of parasailing it lasts about 4 minutes. The equipment meet international standard and safety is a priority. Life jacket must also be worn just in case of unexpected water landing. Normally a child under 10-year old is accompanied by a guide in tandem parasailing.