Pemuteran Beach

Pemuteran Beach – North Bali

Pemuteran Beach is one beach in the northern part of Bali that offers tranquility and peaceful atmosphere where visitors can enjoy the sea breeze, fresh air away from pollution and the noisy daily life in the cities. Its grey-brown sand is a little thin and definitely not powdery but you cannot beat the setting. The blue waters and surrounding green hills make for a beautiful scene, especially when crimson and orange join the colour palette at sunset

Tourism development in the village of Pemuteran is accompanied by development of a number of hotels and homestays in the area. Visitors who need to spend overnight stay in the area will be able to find accommodation with ease. Other facilities such as restaurants, tour services for snorkeling, diving and car rental around western and northern part of the island are also available.

Decades ago there was no many things in the area. Local villagers and environmental observer foundations have important role in developing and managing the region. They applied strict rules for people or fishermen not harm the environment, all components synergized to bring the natural beaches of Pemuteran back to life, and finally slow but sure after a few years the nature began to recover and now develops into one popular tourist attraction in northern Bali. Visitors can see various traditional-style boats being built on the shore now.

Tours, water and marine activities visitors can do in Pemuteran include Scuba diving, snorkeling, dolphins and whales watching, nature tourism to see flora and fauna, fishing trip, four-wheel drive and off-road tour.