Penataran Sasih Temple

Penataran Sasih Temple – Pejeng, Gianyar

The name of the temple Penataran Sasih is taken from one of ancient relics found here called Nekara Pejeng or huge bronze drum. According to local myth this drum is a fallen moon that used to illuminate the surrounding areas day and night. According to the myth a thief tried to steal things. The bright sky caused the thief to fail to do his intention so he took the moon. There were more than one moon. As a result, the moon does not shine anymore until now. The crack across its base as a result of the fall. The hourglass-shaped drum is 186cm long, the largest single-piece cast drum in the world.

It is not certain whether the drum was made locally or imported but the intricate geometric decorations are said to resemble patterns from places as far apart as West Papua and Vietnam. The famous item in this temple is the bronze drum but statuary in the temple courtyard that dates from the 10th to the 12th century are also very interesting to know for history buffs. The drum itself is estimated from 10 to 20 centuries ago.

The Penataran Sasih Temple is located in Pejeng Village, about 5 km east of central Ubud or about 15-minute drive.