Penglipuran Village

Penglipuran Village – Bangli

Located 700 meters above sea level between bamboo forests and coffee plantations, tourists can find one of the most traditional villages in Bali. Penglipuran Village is one of the villages of Bali Aga, whose traditions are different from the habits of the majority of Balinese, besides Hinduism still practicing their very strong animistic beliefs. Therefore it can be likened to the time almost stopped at Penglipuran and even the name of the village itself roughly translates into “remembering ancestral lands.” In an effort to preserve the village from its original condition, Penglipuran Village has undergone a recovery program whose results are arranged roads neat and pure like the original and the houses are polished. It may look too clean to be real, but the calm atmosphere and longhouse with their bamboo roof are very unique and the village managed to display good conditions as a traditional Balinese village.

Along the main road, Bale Agung, the village meeting house and the main temple are the most important buildings. While the temples of smaller families are oriented to Mount Agung for worship. The village as a whole faces directly north towards Mount Batur, not to offend this sacred mountain and honor the two Mountains. Outside the village there is a main source of income for villagers, namely bamboo forest covering 75 hectares. Every family must use one hectare of forest to make fine woven baskets, a well-known trade commodity in all corners of Penglipuran. Tourists can take a peek at the business and home of this family and of course are expected to buy baskets too.