Petulu White Storks

Herons at Petulu Village

One night in 1965 thousands of herons and herons descended on Petulu village outside Ubud for no apparent reason, and they returned every day since then. Tens of thousands of birds, mostly herons and Javanese pond storks, participated in the evening and evening spectacle. Besides being attractive to tourists, locals also believe that white birds bring good luck to them.

The bird watching usually starts around 6 pm, although you can go early to take a seat in one of the warungs (cafes) in the area to drink cold while waiting. Some birds appear early and start crowing, so it’s a good idea not to stand under the trees. Fun enough cycling activities from Ubud to Petulu, but if planning to see tourist birds must return when it’s dark.
Petulu Village is located east of the center of Ubud and is easily accessible by foot and bicycle. There is a bend that is marked by a pretty good sign to go to that place.