Rambut Siwi Temple

Entrance Guardian Statue of Rambut Siwi Temple

Rambut Siwi Temple is one of the biggest Hindu temples in Bali. The construction of this temple is related to the arrival of an important Hindu priest Mpu Dang Hyang Nirartha from East Java to Bali in the year 1489 AD. Rambut Siwi is a beautiful temple, situated on the edge of a cliff, with the vast Indian Ocean stretching in front of it.

Legend has it that when Nirartha first came here, he donated some of his hair to the local villagers. The hair is now kept in a box buried in a three-tiered meru or shrine, the name of which means ‘Worship of the Hair’. Although the main meru is inaccessible, you can view it easily through the gate. The entire temple is reached by an imposing set of stone stairs from the parking area.

Pura Rambut Siwi is a temple complex of an ara of 3 hectares consisting of 9 temples including Pesanggrahan temple located on the roadside connected Denpasar and Gilimanuk harbour in western tip of Bali. The main temple is situated atop a cliff with beautiful views of the Indian Ocean. The other temples in the complex include Pura Goa Dasar, Goa Tirta temple, Melanting temple, Dalem Ped temple, Pura Gading Wani, Pura Pesangrahan and Pura Taman Beji. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the vast and blue Indian Ocean. The atmosphere in this place is very quiet and peaceful.

Location of the temple is at Yeh Embang Kangin village, Jembrana, about 17 km east of the city of Negara and on the main road of Tabanan–Gilimanuk, or about 48km east of Gilimanuk.