Sangeh Monkey Forest

Monkeys at Sangeh Monkey Forest

Sangeh Monkey Forest is a 10 hectares forest of homogeneous pala trees (Dipterocarpus Trinervis), inhabited by around 600 grey long-tailed monkeys (Macaca Fascicularis). The community around the forest will not dare to interfere with the apes existence because they are considered holy and bring blessing to the community and its surrounding. Local legend says that they are the incarnation of warrior princess who changed his form to become a monkey – the monkey inhabiting Pala Sangeh forest.

According to the locals, Sangeh Monkey Forest was created as a park of the Kingdom of Mengwi. In order to look beautiful the park is planted with special nutmeg trees from Mount Agung.

This forest is located 20 km north of Denpasar. It is one of Bali natural tourist attraction for those who like to see the original apes of Bali. The monkeys at this forest is so ignorant that they sometimes pick up bags or other items from visitors. Those bags will normally be returned by the monkeys when visitors give the monkeys food such as bananas, nuts, etc.

Besides monkeys, this forest is also habitat for other animals such as alap-alap bird (Elanus Hypoleucu), eagles (Indus Halioaster), owl (Typte alba javanica), terocok (Gouvier ahalis), civet (Paradorurus hermaproditus), forest cats (Felis bengalensis), sendang lawe bird (Ciconia Episcepus) and others.