Sangsit Village

Beji Temple at Sangsit Village – North Bali

Sangsit is a village about 7 km northeast of Singaraja. Here there is a temple with beautiful and unique architecture with the name Pura Beji. This temple is dedicated to Dewi Sri, the Godess of rice farming. rowers), dedicated to the goddess Dewi Sri, who looks after irrigated rice fields. The amazing sculptured panels along the front wall feature demons and amazing naga (mythical snakelike creatures). The inside also has a variety of sculptures covering every available space. It is about 500 meters off the main road towards the coast. The temple was built in the 15th century during the Majapahit period and is considered to be one of the oldest temples in Bali.

Another temple that is very interesting to visit is Pura Dalem Sangsit or Temple of the Dead. The temple shows scenes of punishment in the afterlife, and other humorous pictures. This temple is located about 500 m northeast of Pura Beji in the ricefields.

Some temples in northern Bali has a slight different architecture from the temple in the south. Temples in the northern part of Bali are generally more symmetrical with Chinese influences.

Sangsit village, 7 km east of Singaraja on the coast road and proceed about 600m.