Serangan Beach

Serangan Beach
Serangan Beach – South Bali

Widely known as one of the best in Bali, Serangan Beach is among the main destinations for Bali tourism for beach lovers. The beach on Serangan Island has epic waves, white sand and easy access from the mainland, is part of what makes this beach easy to visit. Experienced tourists can conquer the waves themselves, while novice visitors who want to try the waves here can choose from dozens of surf schools that have sprung up on the island.

The name of the island is taken from two words, namely “Sira” and “Angen” which means affection and longing. Maybe that was the reason Serangan Island in Denpasar famous as a tourist attraction with a calm natural atmosphere, natural beauty of the sea and friendly people.

The sandy beach is perfect for sunbathers and families will enjoy the Turtle Conservation and Education Center tour where local naturalists educate tourists about the importance of turtles hatching into the marine ecosystem and offering a protected place of life for these gentle giants. The island is an icon for this wildlife conservation in the southern part of Bali. At this conservation facility visitors can see various types of turtles that live in Bali. Tourists can not only see adult turtles but also eggs and hatchlings or young turtles. You can also see firsthand how the process of laying eggs for turtles to hatching if you are lucky.

In this area, horse riding tours are also available, as well as coral transplant tourism attractions. Coral reef conservationists encourage this tour as a form of conservation of the underwater natural environment.

The island, which was reclaimed during the reign of President Soeharto, now has an area of ​​​​approximately 400 hectares.The bridge that was built after the reclamation linking the island of Bali with Serangan Island makes access to this island easy. Serangan Island is about 25 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai Airport.