Snorkeling at Bali’s rich underwater life

For those visiting Bali and love snorkeling, there are at least 7 great spots for this activity. Those places are Tanjung Benoa Beach, Sanur Beach, Tulamben Beach in eastern Bali, Menjangan Island in north-western Bali, Amed Beach in eastern Bali, Lembongan Island and Penida Island.

Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua is a great place for snorkeling and it is the closest from Kuta area which is around 30-minute drive. The beauty of Tanjung Benoa Beach is famous, it is also the center of many water sport activities both for local as well as for foreign tourists.

Tulamben is a diving spot that is famous in foreign countries. The main underwater attraction in Tulamben is the wreck of the US Liberty sank in 1942. This spot is one most visited spots by divers.

Menjangan Island is within the West Bali National Park, a conservation area. It is about 100km from Denpasar and it takes approximately 3 hours to get to the location. The Menjangan Island is about 30 minute boat ride from the mainland of Bali. The marine life here is very beautiful and rich.

Nusa Penida and Ceningan in East Bali is one great spots if you want to see the manta ray (big stingray) and mola-mola. The underwater life and view here is very rich and beautiful.

Lembongan Island is also called “the Paradise of Divers in Bali” both for diving and snorkeling because the varieties of fish, marine plants and coral reefs are so rich and the underwater life is still in great condition.

Amed Beach in east Bali is a great place to see the beautiful corals and marine life. By snorkeling you can visit the Cape of Vienna, Bunprosecution and Jemeluk in this Amed area.

Sanur Beach has beautiful coral reefs, comparable to Tanjung Benoa and has become one good spot for water recreation activities. The underwater life in Sanur Beach is not extensive and sea conditions depend on the season so good snorkeling in Sanur depend on seasons.