USS Liberty Shipwreck

 Life near Shipwreck
Underwater Life near Shipwreck

The USS Liberty shipwreck is recognized as one of the most easily accessible wrecks in the world, which is located only 25 meters from the coast and 5 to 30 meters below sea level. This is an ideal destination for beginner divers but also for veteran divers who have sufficient experience in underwater adventures. This ship sank in 1942 due to being hit by Japanese army torpedoes.

Visitors can swim through the warm, calm waters of Bali and leave for the dive site directly from the beach. A variety of marine life, military cargo ruins and haunting sea views make it a perfect underwater photo safari location. The 120-meter USS Liberty ship offers many things to explore. Divers can expect visibility of around 20 meters almost any time of the year.

The wreck is located near the small fishing village of Tulamben on the northeastern coast of Bali. Travelers who want to find a truly unique experience can do popular night dives. Humpback parrotfish gather on ships and divers can use underwater torches to track these giant swimmers.

Beautiful coral and exotic fish of the water in Tulamben make this place one of the most popular place to visit for snorkeling and diving lovers. At this place divers and snorkelers can explore a World War II shipwreck, USS Liberty. Divers can see a wide variety of corals and invertebrates on the wreck. Large fishes frequent the wreck in some seasons, most popularly mola-mola, whale sharks and black-tip reef sharks.

TThe best conditions for diving here are in October and November, when the weather is generally calm and during the start of southeast monsoon, which typically extends from May to July, although you can dive or snorkel throughout the year. To support this area as great dive site, local residents try to minimize fishing activity.

Address: Tulamben Village, Karangasem, Bali. About 25 km from the city of Amlapura and 82 km east from Denpasar.

The USS Liberty Shipwreck - East Bali
The USS Liberty Shipwreck – East Bali