West Bali National Park

Bali Sterling at West Bali National Park

West Bali National Park is the last real wilderness in Bali. Important things included there include coral reefs around Menjangan Island, mangrove forests and tropical savanna forests, wildlife such as monkeys, deer, monkeys, and white Bali Starlings – where the preservation is the main reason this park was made in 1941.

Guests who come individually to West Bali National Park must pay for national park conservation fees and use their chartered guide services. Travel by boat is done through fixed-rate services in the national park. Because this park is far from many popular tourist destinations, visit with tours or with pre-arranged personal tour guides. This park is close to Gilimanuk, a ferry port to the island of Java.
Bird life in the park is abundant, including rare kingfishers, Bali herons and starlings, making a visit to West Bali National Park a must for bird lovers. Monkeys and deer can usually be seen from the path. Creatures such as wild boar, wild buffalo, and cats, and leopards are rarely seen. Horse riding is also a great way to explore West Bali National Park.

Menjangan Island, which is famous for its sea and coral fans, is located in West Bali National Park and is popular with divers.

The dry season which is around May to October is the best time to watch wildlife in the park, both from a comfort perspective and because the land is not overgrown with greenery, but this park is worth a visit throughout the year. If visitors live in Pemuteran or a resort on the edge of a park, it is possible to start seeing wildlife around 6 am when the animals are
most active.

West Bali National Park was once home to the Bali tiger but unfortunately the last sighting of the animal was more than 80 years ago, shot by a hunter. There are no leopard populations but there are wild cats like leopards. Although the fur motif is like a leopard, but this animal is no bigger than an ordinary cat.