White Water Rafting

White water rafting adventure

In Bali there are some rivers where visitors can experience the adventure of white water rafting. Each river has its own characteristic which will guarantee a fun filled morning or afternoon on one of the rivers crossing Bali’s heartland. It is suitable for all ages and extremely safe because it meets the strict safety and service standards.

In east Bali, the thrilling Telaga Waja adventure begins in the foothills of the sacred Mount Agung, after an in-depth safety and equipment briefing by experienced guides. From the time you drop into the first set of rapids, your heart will be racing and adrenaline pumping. In a continual spray of white clear water, you will rush past steep banks and ancient hanging trees, whilst rafting guides will give you instruction and work with you to safely navigate the raft through torrents, twists, tight turns and inclined rapids.

Overhead obstacles, narrow gorges and breathtaking views of terraced rice plains all along the way will give you an appetite for your final challenge, The Water Dam! From the moment you put on your Life Jacket and Helmet and take a tight grip of your paddle to the very second you finish your last taste of the delicious mouth watering buffet, this really is thrills all the way!

The highlights: the length of rafting trip at this Telaga Waja River is approximately 14 km or 8.7 miles. Rafting time is 2.5 hours, Class 3+ rapids with continuous rapids, children minimum 12 years old, starting from 760 meter above sea level and finish at 320 meter above sea level, lunch is Indonesian Buffet, including drinking water, dessert and tea/coffee.

The white water rafting trip down the Ayung River is made enjoyable by the secure feeling of using the the same safest rafting company available for your trip. This adventure for guests of all ages is a mix of wild excitement, breath taking views and well-guided, informative, sightseeing.

As you carve through some of Bali’s most appealing landscape, the Ayung River provides a thrill that begins the moment you push of from the riverbanks. As you switch between Class II and III rapids, you will wind through deep valleys with cascading waterfalls and towering cliffs of prehistoric significance.
The highlights: this Ayung River rafting is approximately 11 km or 7 miles. Rafting time is 2 hours. Class 2 and 3 rapids with drops and pools, wild animals are mainly in the mornings and local daily activity in the afternoons, lunch, continental buffet including drinking water, dessert and tea/coffee.